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Why we should not encourage love jihad in India.

Accept the fact that Muslim boys are too good and attractive, and Hindu girls are falling in love with them. Girls then accept Islam as their faith and live. What is the concern? Isn’t it girl is right to love … Continue reading

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Where can Indian passport holder travel without having a VISA?

An Indian passport holder can travel to these courtiers without getting VISA. But, make sure the exception still apply before you decide on travelling. Nepal Bhutan Mauritius Macau Fiji Jamaica Trinidad and Tomago British Virgin Islands Haiti Ecuador Cooks Island … Continue reading

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The world divided for Israel and Palestine; where do we belong?

Since the new war began between Israel and Palestine, though we do not live in a war zone, we have been feeling like living in a war area. We are bombarded with news and propaganda continuously. The war field is … Continue reading

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All penniless mankind is identical

I often interact with many ordinary people around me. Their needs and necessities are same. Their problems are similar. Their arguments are same. Their features are similar. Their dreams are similar All penniless mankind is identical; irrespective of their race … Continue reading

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How to reduce corruption in the developing world

To reduce the level of corruption in any country, we have to do following: The government employees should have a free good housing, free high quality education for their children, free high quality medical facilities and reasonable salary to spend … Continue reading

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