Twenty-five points to prevent arguments at home

  1. Identify immediate and long-term requirements
  2. Listen to both parties viewpoints
  3. Respect both parties’ viewpoints.
  4. Agree on points that help to achieve your ultimate goals.
  5. Don’t argue just to win
  6. Ignore small issues and argue for them.
  7. Live life with values and principles
  8. Live a life that gives happiness to self
  9. Live a life that makes your spouse happy
  10. Live a life that has some lessons to learn for your spouse, children and grandchildren
  11. Grant other parties appeals if they are acceptable, honest, trivial, or harmless.
  12. Do not start an argument if counterpart’s opinions are meaningless.
  13. Always try to find reasons and motives for the dispute
  14. Always respect opposite parties feelings
  15. Never argue just to hurt feelings of the challenger
  16. Foremost motive of our actions should be our own satisfactions, followed by spouses, children and then others. Never do things to satisfy expectations of others.
  17. Try to be content with worldly things that we have. Always buy stuff with money that you have in surplus. There should be a good retirement plan.
  18. Those small things that occur in everyday life is more important than some imaginary pleasure and comfort that might come after many years.
  19. The quality or quantity of materials that we possess do not bring happiness unless possessors are happy themselves. Always ask and justify why you are buying that material before you purchase that stuff. Don’t ever buy/choose stuff picturing that others will be joyful with your procurements.
  20. Ultimate motive of the day to day life is to create circumstances from where you can find happiness, and people around you are happy
  21. Don’t count on money spent to meet expenses of the day to day life.
  22. Don’t count on money spent on health
  23. Don’t count on few extra seconds spent on traffic
  24. Don’t count the cars on the road
  25. Don’t worry on traffic unless you have to catch a flight or reach a meeting or reach office in time. If you expect a significant traffic, leave early to compensate extra time that you might need on the road.
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