Small changes make a big difference in our life.

Small changes make a big difference. We live in Saudi Arabia. We have few internet providers in this country. We were using internet connection from the company called “Mobily”

The service from “Mobily” was so bad compared to what we anticipated. It never permitted us to download or upload materials with reasonable speed. Almost on a daily basis, we cursed our self for the slow speed and their erratic connections. With all these pain,  we used their service at least for few years.

Recently we changed our internet service provider to another company. For our relief, even though, the new connection is not so fast, it is giving us some reliable connection and acceptable speed. Now our upload and download is easier than earlier.

In retrospect, now I am questioning, why we suffered for so long. Why we did not realise Mobily connection is not the one, we wanted.

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