The Superhumans of Gaza, amazing resilience to Israel’s terror

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Close your eyes and visualize a child that you know and love dearly. The child can be your son, daughter, sibling, nephew or niece, grandson or granddaughter or even the child of a friend. Next, imagine that child playing innocently. Now imagine a bomb falling fatally near that child with his/her little body parts flying in different directions. If you are repulsed from this mental exercise, good. That means you have at least a shred or more of human feelings which I can address.

The issue is this: That mental exercise is not something imaginary for the Palestinian people of Gaza, rather, it is their daily living hell.

Genocide is defined in the dictionary as “the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular nation or ethnic group.” For close to a month now, Israel has been committing genocide against the Palestinian people in…

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