Can we stop terrorsim by answering these questions?


Someone gave me this task to answer “What is terrorism?” The particular question was on terrorism in India.

I couldn’t answer him well.  But, that question forced me to ask more questions than answers. I am publishing them without editing sequence or grammar. Many questions are relevant universally and need answers.

  1. Where does terrorism exist?
  2. Who are all involved in terrorism?
  3. Which group is fighting against whom?
  4. What do terrorists want?
  5. Do a terrorist have any genuine reason to be a terrorists?
  6. What is the effect of terrorism in India?
  7. How many Muslim organisation are considered as a terrorist organisation in India?
  8. How many Hindu organisations are involved in terrorism?
  9. How many Christian organisations are involved in terrorism?
  10. How much non-religious political organisation are involved in terrorism?
  11. What are the factors attracting youngsters to terrorism?
  12. Who are targets of terrorists in India?
  13. Is there any relationship between faith/religion and terrorism?
  14. Is there any religion that supports terrorism directly or indirectly?
  15. Is there any scientific research on terrorist’s mentalities?
  16. What are the different ways to express the needs of terrorist organisations against establishments; other than through violence?
  17. Is there anything government can do to alleviate frustrations of these people involved in such criminal activities?
  18. What is the role for injustice that we do against a group of people residing in certain geographical areas for promoting terrorism?
  19. What system do we have to identify anti-social element’s relationship and politicians; between these groups and religious leaders?
  20. Should we discourage a religion over another religion?
  21. How can we convince our brothers and sisters to live as religious and good persons?
  22. Will suppressing a particular religion reduce terrorism?
  23. Will keeping a particular religion under constant surveillance reduce terrorism?
  24. Should we suspect only people certain faith for all violent activities?
  25. How many people have been killed in India due to terrorism?
  26. How many were killed from violence between two religions in India?
  27. Did the government identify root causes of these violence activities?
  28. Did the government punish those who were involved?
  29. How often government support Politicians if they are involved in violent activities?
  30. Can we consider each one of us equal, have equal rights, and have equal justice?
  31. How many of us truly believe that we can all live together in India even though they all have a different religion, faith, political affiliation?
  32. How many of us truly believe religion or other philosophies are for making us better human rather than hating each other?
  33. How can we improve efficiency of judicial system and police department?
  34. How can poor get social justice?
  35. How can we improve education and living standards of poor?
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