The world divided for Israel and Palestine; where do we belong?


Since the new war began between Israel and Palestine, though we do not live in a war zone, we have been feeling like living in a war area. We are bombarded with news and propaganda continuously. The war field is Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Whatsapp, and Mainstream news.

The Facebook, twitter, Whatsapp, and blogs are powerful; they can be more destructive than real bombs.

The propaganda war from the social media is very effective. Less educated public, use Whatsapp and they spread news in their mother tongue, the language which is familiar for them. Many do not listen or trust news media such as BBC, CNN or Fox news. They believe these channels and media are lying, and are one sided.

They trust opinions coming through social media more trustworthy. They are very influential. The world is been divided. These social Medias convince facts in a better way. The public is no more uninformed. They categorise liars and cheaters unquestionably. Nobody can hide behind the mask any-more. No one can play hide and seek. Each-one has their opinions. The public writes and express their views; or they forward whatever they get in their inbox. Most of them are part of the war. A parallel war is going on.

Even if Palestine loose, the hatred and damage on enemies will last for many years. The difference in the demographics will play an enormous role in the future. If these carnage continues in Gaza, that might unite 1 billion Muslims at least for one thing; to hate Israel and American interests. The strength from approximately one billion Muslims and a large number of peace-loving Non-Muslims all over the world, who are against Israel’s and America’s foreign policies will rewrite the whole script written by them into different levels. Various governments will continue to do business with them as usual.

Will governments ignore the public’s opinion and continue to keep a traditional relationship forever?

Will it change the future of the world if majority of Israel’s enemies around the world refuses to buy Pepsi, Coco Cola, products from Nestle, or Nokia, or their other products?

The propaganda war is getting unpleasant. It is stronger than the real war in Gaza. The world is divided. Where do I belong?

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