I am waiting for the next Ramadan’s arrival eagerly

ramadan ifthar

Ramadan memories 2014

Ramadan is a unique month for Muslims all over the world. Most Muslims fast from Fajr to Maghrib, avoiding water and food. They avoid sex during day time, bad words, smoking, alcohol, and bad companies. They abstain from all bad things which God had prohibited to them. They increase activities which God asked them to do. They do more charities during this month.

Though we don’t eat day time, we eat reasonably healthy meals at night. My wife is an extraordinary cook. She prepares snacks for Iftar. This year she made 20 different kinds of very delicious snacks. She makes cuisines from Malabar, Kerala, India. Now we have to wait for next Ramadan for all those tasty snacks.

We live in Riyadh. The character of the city changes during this month. Daytime activities are less, and people are more active at night. Most shops are open till 1 AM. No one eat openly during day time. No restaurants are open during day time.

The city has many mosques. Each mosque is full with faithful Muslims for prayers. Most imams will try to finish Quran during tharawih prayer.

The most important benefit of Ramadan is spiritual uplift of Muslims. With increased faith and spirituality, I wish Muslims behave compassionately to themselves, their family members, their neighbours, to the society and their nation, even after Ramadan.

I am waiting for the next Ramadan’s arrival eagerly.

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