Who will stop the conflict between Israel and Palestine?

I hear, there is no ceasefire for Israel’s attack on Gaza and Hamas rockets towards Israel.

Israel’s approximate army strength is as following: tanks 3870; armoured fighting vehicles 9436; aircrafts 680; total naval strength 110; defence budget $ 15,000,000,000. Consider Israel also has Iron dome shield with 80-% efficacy to destroy Palestine’s rocket attacks.

Israel’s leadership and army have no guilty in killing Palestine people. They kill at a ratio 100 to 200 Palestine people for one Israel. They also have backup of USA and other western powers.

Hamas might have few hundreds of rockets and 5000 militants. They will soon ran out of their rockets.

Hamas is instigating Israel to get bombed by Israel. They want to see more destruction in their Gaza. They want sympathy of whole world. They want financial support.

I feel sad for these people. I am sure people of Israel must be feeing joyous for bombing of the Gaza and for the destruction of their properties and human causalities. I know the feeling of people who are on the winning side.

After few days, Israel may stop bombing Gaza; the future of Gaza will remain same. They will live in siege. They have no future.

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2 Responses to Who will stop the conflict between Israel and Palestine?

  1. Pretty sad that no one does anything to stop the nonsense. Thousands of innocent people are dying for nothing.


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