How to reduce corruption in the developing world

To reduce the level of corruption in any country, we have to do following:

The government employees should have a free good housing, free high quality education for their children, free high quality medical facilities and reasonable salary to spend on their needs and their family’s needs and certain saving for the future.

We have to cultivate a culture against corruption from the school level. There should be a certain way of making kids believe that giving corruption and getting corruption is a big sin and it is prohibited (Haram).

Computerise all office jobs. All applications need to be online. There should be a certain deadline for each task. If the concerned officer finishes the job within allocated time then he should be rewarded. Give him or her certain points for each task. Link his her promotion to this point system.

There should be a system to punish employees who do not do tasks in given time. Often these officers are clever. They will bring many obstacles to prevent giving the certificates or completing the task in time.

Identify the areas where ordinary people’s requirements and dependence of governmental offices. Simplify the rules and regulations to get these services from the government. Decrease people’s dependence on government offices. Many rules and regulations are outdated and obsolete. Rip-off such obsolete rules.

In each village, create contact points and offices, who can act nodal points for villagers to approach them to know the exact rules and regulations related to government affairs.

Keep surveillance cameras in each office to identify the culprits.

Keep ways to complain against any officer if he or she does irregularities. A copy of these complaints should go simultaneously to different levels. These complaints also should go to an independent anti-corruption unit.

Finally, each citizen should feel corruption is a sin. Also, you deny someone else’s rights.


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