Boycott Israel products!!!

Someone said; we should not buy products of Israel to support Palestine’s freedom.
When I looked at list of things to boycott which belongs to Israel or Jews; it is too long. 
I realize; we depend on each other so much. This earth belongs to its children and other creatures of the God.
The boycotting is not going to change anything. It is also impractical.
Israel and western powers have to show mercy on Palestine. I am not expecting a solution to this problem from the Arab world.
Let Palestine people also live as a free country. Let them also breathe free air. Let their children also live without fear of bombs. Let people of Palestine also have a dream about their future.

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2 Responses to Boycott Israel products!!!

  1. jagadees says:

    Boycott is the only solution. All connected to money.
    If you have a list of prodrcts/companies please share that.


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